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Play the drums

Music is for everyone

Some of us seem to be born with a strong sense of rhythm and/or melody and when this is the case the signs are there from very early on in a person's life. Almost all children love singing, dancing and banging on things to create sounds and rhythms and if the grown-ups around the child encourages this there is no reason for this type of development to stop. Talent plays an important part in whether a person can succeed in music, but the most important key is dedication. Everyone can learn!

Rhythm in the blood

There are many musical instruments to choose from and most people will choose an instrument like the piano or the guitar because of their versatility. Only people with a very strong sense of rhythm will go for the drums because not only are drums non-melodic; they also require serious rhythm skills to master. If someone is prone to constantly banging their feet or fingers to the rhythm of songs then that is usually a sign that he or she "has the rhythm in their blood".

Learn to play the drums

To learn how to play drums first of all you will need some equipment and this equipment requires some space. The most important first investment is a good pair of drum sticks and for the very beginning a practice drum pad could do. Sooner or later you will need to invest in a real set of drums though, either a classic one or an electrical one - or both.

You could either sign up for private classes from a local drum teacher or you could try learning via online courses, tutorials or even live classes. There is endless information to be found out there on the web. YouTube is a great starting point!

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